Defining a Social Justice Warrior pt. 1 (SJW)

The term Social Justice Warrior has become a pejorative to criticize liberals and progressives who have lost their way in fighting for social justice who have instead become authoritative and religious. Anybody who challenges the SJW subset of beliefs is immediately labeled racist, sexists, Islamophobic, transphobic, homophobic, and many other names. Remember Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were both opposed to same-sex marriage in the 2008 campaign? Would these same people outcry and call them homophobic? Or are they shielded just because they have the D in front of their name? The fact is this childlike name calling is exhausting and undermining any legitimate claim of racism and discrimination. It doesn’t matter how reasonable your position might be because in SJW mind its become a battle of “us vs. them” the moment you have a singular disagreement. Everybody is required to change the instant they do. I’ve overheard friends in the past even suggest that “they can’t wait for the older generation to die off” to purge the racists from the planet. I find this to be despicable.

But it’s important to define the meaning of the term so we don’t fall into the same trap as them labeling anyone who disagrees with us as a SJW. I have compiled a list of commonly held beliefs of SJWs.

1. Unequal Outcomes are Wrong

Why might a person live in poverty? There are many factors that could contribute such as the person not having an opportunity or the person making the wrong decisions in life. The Social Justice Warrior mind immediately assumes that if one is poor its a result of exploitation or a system in which poverty is inescapable. While in many situations this is true, they do not take into account the many other situations of people living in poverty who do not work or have made drastic mistakes in life abusing drugs, having children out of wedlock, passing up crucial opportunities, and many more. Not only are these individuals not accountable for their own actions but its the responsibility lies on those who have achieved success to provide them with food, shelter, and other means forcibly through taxation. The truth is a one-sized fit all welfare state benefits the abusers and hurts everyone else.

Still don’t believe me?

The number of people in poverty has remained consistent since the federal government expanded the welfare state during the LBJ presidency in 1965. And every year since the Federal Government spent more money (our tax dollars) on fighting such with no drastic improvement.

2. The Ends Justify the Means

This continues the trend that outcomes are all that matters to SJWs. You can be as discriminatory against White people because they are a recipient of “white privilege” and have life handed to them on a silver spoon. Still 10% of White Americans live in poverty which is roughly 20 million people. So you mean to tell me all 20 million people who live in poverty are receiving white privilege? I disagree. Compare their lives congruently to that of middle to upper class Black Americans and their is no contest who has it better of in this country. Not to mention poor minorities have access to Affirmative Action and racially specific scholarships to help them find a way into good Universities. Poor whites have none of this opportunity because they are white. This is discriminatory against poor white Americans but it doesn’t matter because “the ends justify the means” in the SJW mind. And you know who benefits most from these Affirmative Action policies? It’s not poor people from minority backgrounds. The Atlantic published an article breaking down the numbers and proving that these policies are only benefiting the wealthier students from minority backgrounds.

Part 2 will come later when I address the problem of scale. And how Social Justice Warriors misplace the scale of racism (with data to back it up of course).

Reasons for Existing

I have finally reached a point where I’m exhausted with e-arguements. The internet is a place of rage and lack of substance for the vast majority of people. Twitter is the worst offender with its allowance of only 140 characters per tweet. This blog will represent my most current thoughts on politics, technology, and religion without needing to engage in such nonsense. And hopefully I will grow as a person in the process too.